Branding and Visual Identity

looking at a businessSome people don’t like being on the outside looking in, but at Leed, we love it.

It allows us to see our clients’ opportunities and challenges from a different perspective. We love to advise and together we will deliver better results.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry we haven’t worked in. That the beauty of Leed we are not pigeon holed in one industry, this keeps us fresh! We know a lot of companies can say that. But the beauty of Leed and being the boutique size is we don’t have teams based on specific projects – we do it all and work on it all. And we’re pretty proud of this!

In the end, our expertise benefits the client. And for those times we’re faced with something new, well, we deliver a bespoke package and we’ll jump in and put it together for you. We’re a bit crazy like that.

Our branding services help companies be inspired and aspire to the future, through creative names, imaginative design, insightful brand strategy. And competitive prices.. See for yourself, give us a call and speak to Lee.