Working Faster – Design Brief

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What Is Your Business’ Unique Selling Point?

How long has your business been established for*?

Explain your main products or services.*

Do you have a niche market?

Explain reasons why you think your current customers (if available) buy your product(s) or use your services?

Describe your ideal customer.

List your main competitors.*

Who are your target audience?* Male, female, gay, straight, fashionable, timeless, modern, traditional, young, old, single, married, family, serious, fun, urban, suburban, sophisticated, adventurous, enthusiastic, etc.

Describe your industry.*

On what scale does your business currently operate?*
Please select… Local Regional National Other

Where would your business most like to be operating in 12 months time?*
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What is your current market activity? How do you currently market your business? Online, newspaper, yellow pages etc.*

Can you supply existing marketing material?
Please select… Yes No

What words would best describe your business? i.e. Corporate, fun, friendly, innovative, affordable, luxury, serious, traditional, unpredicatable etc..


Is this project a completely new design for either a start up or a new brand or is it for an established business looking for a refreshed look?*

If it is a re-design, what influenced this decision?

How many design concepts do you think you will require? The more concepts, the more choice.
Please select… 1 2 3 4 6 8 10

What do you want your logo to say about your company?

What sort of personality do you want your new brand to have? Fun, quirky, corporate, fresh, modern, friendly, confident, formal, informal etc.

Are there any specific icons or imagery that you would like to include within the logo? Or is there any specific symbols that are relative to the business?

What is visually important in the design for you?

What would best describe your design tastes? i.e. minimal, contemporary/modern, traditional, fashionable etc

What existing logos appeal to you and why? Can you provide inspirational examples?

How will you be implementing your new identity? i.e. signage, brochures, advertising

Will you be looking for a marketing strategy to accompany your design and market your business?
Please select… Yes No

If yes, what else are you looking to have produced?

Will you require business stationery for your design?
Please select… Yes No

Do you have a preferred colour palette? Or are there any specific colours that are meaningful to your business

Do you have a company strapline? Will you require one to be created?

Do you a preferred typeface? i.e. serif, bold, modern, script, sans serif etc

Will you require a set of brand guidelines created for your business?
Please select… Yes No

Additional brief information.


Why is budget important at this stage?
Knowing a budget allows us to work around your needs, as we work on an hourly rate we can distinguish how much we can achieve in the timeframe working at that hourly rate.

All our quotations are broken down into estimated hours, we do not just think of a number – add a zero and hope for the best. We spend a lot of time on our quotations, and we like to get them right – knowing the information in this brief enables us to prepare an accurate estimation.

What are your deadlines? i.e., for visuals, completion date, print, production etc

Project Deadline Publication Date