What We Do

Beyond The Logo

Leed develops brands that raise awareness, build trust and encourage client loyalty. We work with you to express your culture and values, helping your organisation to find its voice, project its personality and fulfil its potential.

We’ll work with you to ensure your brand stays consistent and true throughout the implementation process and that projects run to budget and on time. We call our approach ‘Positive Communication’.

Every Business has a brand. Your brand is your people, your products and services, your environment, your values. It’s how you communicate all of these essential elements, to your customers, partners and your employees.


A professional visual image is a powerful tool that, managed effectively will enhance any business profile and subsequently their success, but what exactly does this mean? The individual characteristics, strengths, unique selling point and company personality are your identity. It makes sense that tying these fundamental elements together would provide your company with a strong and professional visual identity and brand.

Get your Brand and Visual Identity right and the benefits will be clear!

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